Russell Hollick

Chief Software Architect, SYSPRO

Russell has been with SYSPRO since 1982 and is currently the Chief Software Architect at SYSPRO, a role he has held since 2015. He is responsible for the core components of the software that enables innovative ERP for customers to leverage the digital opportunity. Not only does Russell build the foundations of SYSPRO software, but also the indispensable security, authentication and encryption aspects of the framework.

Russell has extensive experience in implementing, SQL Server, Reporting Services, Analytics, Electronic Signatures, Online help, and other vital architectural components.

He is committed to global standards and infrastructure for product development, easy upgrades, and anytime-anywhere access in any language from English to Chinese. Russell’s approach to development is driven by optimizing technology through continued innovation and last mile functionality, that allows for operational efficiency. He is also committed to building a cloud friendly strategy, allowing customers to benefit from choice, scalability and flexibility.