Reigning in Industry 4.0

Kenya’s answer to the age of adaptation

We’re operating in remarkable times...

While COVID-19 continues to stifle the global road to recovery, businesses in the Manufacturing and Distribution sectors have had to find new footings in what has, perhaps over-eagerly, been dubbed “The New Normal”.

As we continue to evolve, we turn our attention once again to the prevailing systems and strategies that are helping keep our industries on course while everything else around us seems so uncertain. But, with shifting scenarios and an ever-changing paradigm, how then must today’s financial leaders adapt to face an unprecedented future?

The Manufacturing CFO 4.0 2021 Kenya survey, a collaboration between SYSPRO and ICPAK, was conducted across a range of global manufacturing and distribution businesses in Kenya. The participants encompassed financial leaders across predominately larger enterprises, indicating that our results reflect the insights of big players in the manufacturing and distribution space.

In collaboration with ICPAK.

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Global Manufacturing CFO report 2021

SYSPRO 2021 Manufacturing CFO 4.0 Survey Report

The SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO 4.0 2021 survey was conducted across an extensive global Manufacturing and Distribution network, covering a wide variety of businesses, services, nations and operational climates. Our participants included financial leaders across both SMEs and larger enterprises, indicating that these results reflect the insights of a wide range of players in the Manufacturing and Distribution space. The report’s intention is, of course, to underline key phenomena and trends prominent in the tumultuous climate of COVID-19’s “New Normal”, with the hopes of spotlighting the golden threads of today’s best practices.

SYSPRO 2021 Manufacturing CFO 4.0 Survey Report

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Global Manufacturing CFO report 2020

2020 COVID-19 As A Catalyst For Industry 4.0

Much of what has been written about COVID-19 has tended towards the apocalyptic. Whilst the effect of the pandemic on manufacturing industries is hard to overstate, CFOs deal in data, and base conclusions and decisions on empirical evidence.

To understand the true impact of COVID-19 on the sector and the profession, SYSPRO has conducted a global online survey to assess CFO sentiment around this “black swan event” as 2020 draws to a close and we look to a future that has been dubbed the “new normal”.

SYSPRO 2020 Manufacturing CFO 4.0 Survey Report

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