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Product Strategy

Insight into SYSPRO’s Product Strategy

Converting the complex to the simple, simplifying your success

Optimizing business operations ensuring the on-going development of relevant functionality and governance for the improvement of business efficiencies

Future-proofing your ERP investment by leveraging emerging technologies and the latest innovations, delivering business value and competitive advantage


Transitioning ERP from a system-of-record to a system-of-engagement by improving intuitiveness, ease-of-use, surfacing business insights and promoting collaboration

Our “Always On” product pillar considers a Cloud-First approach, covering aspects of webification, deployment, flexible consumption, diverse accessibility, scalability and 24/7 availability.

SYSPRO's Product Pillars

Improved Availability and Scalability

Always On

Mobile-first | Cloud-first

Improved Engagement

System of Engagement

Driving User Collaboration and an Enhanced User Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Future Proof Your ERP Investment

The Internet of Things (IoT)


Optimize Operations

Distribution | Financial

Partnered Applications

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Prophix helps finance professionals in the mid-market to optimize budgeting and planning processes by offering a cost-effective automation solution.


  • Being effectively managed within the Finance department
  • Requires little or no involvement from IT departments
  • Has a low and predictable total cost of ownership
  • Simplifies the budgeting process throughout the organization
  • Is scalable and expandable without extensive customization

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