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ERP Project Management

SYSPRO ERP software incorporates a toolset that provides a holistic and integrated view of end-to-end processes.  SYSPRO  also enables a cascading set of functionality and delivers the following:

  • Raises the understanding of the stakeholders
  • Encourages focused thinking by all parties in the implementation
  • Enhances control by improving process visibility, which allows escalations and alerts to be managed and bottlenecks to be located
  • Supports compliance through greater transparency of operations so that policies and procedures can be enforced, broken processes can be identified and fixed, and audit trails can be generated

SYSPRO Process Modeling (SPM)

We understand that strategy, risk, performance and sustainability are inseparable and our process modeling solution provides you with a model-driven architecture that supports management by aligning IT with company strategy, business objectives and sustainability; as well as providing a transparent view of your uniquely modeled processes and organizational roles. The result is a unique SYSPRO process model providing one source of the truth and an end-to-end alignment of all entities in your organization.

SYSPRO IDEAL Methodology

A successful ERP implementation is the foundation on which companies expand their business, launch new initiatives and improve existing operations to grow revenue and reduce costs. IDEAL, our proven implementation methodology, facilitates a successful implementation and a roadmap for reaping a return on investment on the project for many years to come. IDEAL is a scalable, structured and phased approach consisting of pre-defined inputs, activities and outputs which deliver a solution that meets your objectives.

The SYSPRO IDEAL Implementation Methodology is a single, world-wide, scalable, structured and phased implementation approach that consists of pre-defined inputs, activities and outputs to deliver a solution on time and on budget.

SYSPRO’s ERP Implementation Methodology:

  • Uses our experience and knowledge of best practices to your benefit
  • Provides visibility to and accountability of our activities and services
  • Uses your resources effectively
  • Empowers you and your employees to know and leverage the solution for your business
  • Scales to meet the complexity or simplicity of your implementation needs and your company’s capabilities

The IDEAL Implementation Methodology consists of a FIVE PHASE approach:

Initiate Phase

Ensures all parties have an aligned understanding of the business, its requirements and the requirements of the project.

Design Phase

The project team explores the business objectives and needs and designs a solution that will best meet those needs within the project parameters.

Engineer Phase

The project team starts to configure and build the solution based on agreed design parameters. This phase includes customization, configuring a go-live system and simulating a live environment.

Actualize Phase

The live site is created. Prior to going live, the final data is loaded and validated. The project team will train the people who will work on the new system to ensure users are ready and prepared to use the new software.

Leverage Phase

Once everything has been balanced and signed-off, we move to the Leverage Phase which closes out the project.

SYSPRO Application Development

Whether your business is merely to modify the user interface, develop custom functionality or an entire module, or create a link to a third party product, our professional services team will work with you to document, develop, & deliver your requirement.


SYSPRO’s Professional Services Department:


  • Assists SYSPRO partners in delivering comprehensive solutions for customers
  • Works with customers to maximise their investment in SYSPRO’s software on an ongoing basis
  • Helps with personalisation or implementations of certain features or modules that are fairly new to SYSPRO’s market place
  • Provides content creation via the SYSPRO Learning Channel (SLC) for end-user training


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