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Types of Manufacturing Processes

Take a deeper look to explore how SYSPRO ERP software supports businesses across these manufacturing types.

Manufacturers in the 21st century need maximum agility and responsiveness to market demand. So it makes sense to choose business ERP software solutions that are flexible enough to support whatever production mode works best in your operations.

Maybe you need robust ingredient traceability for process manufacturing – or you need engineering change control and accurate quoting systems for made-to-order goods. Whether you operate in a process, discrete, mixed-mode or other environment, SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions are built to meet your needs.

Learn how the various manufacturing types SYSPRO ERP helps businesses, like yours, gain efficiency by connecting data and processes across various departments, including order management, inventory, shop floor, finance and accounting, and more.

Manufacturing Types Business Model

Solutions designed for your manufacturing process: SYSPRO ERP

Assemble to Order
Assemble to Order (ATO) strategy, success hinges on being able to get products to customers at lightning speed.
Improve control over goods being produced, reducing associated costs and downtime.
Ochestrate the flow of parts and components around the world with fine-tuned precision, and smart choices that keep your costs low.
Engineer to Order
Increase profitability and cash flow for individual projects, while making it easier for customers to collaborate on high-quality, custom-built goods.
Job Shop
Manage the challenges like these inherent in the custom-design and order-fulfillment process
Make to Order

Manage fluctuations in demand as they happen. Get real-time, 360-degree visibility across the business.

Make to Stock
Solve their unique market challenges, providing real-time, 360-degree visibility across the business.
Mixed Mode
Bring products to market faster than ever, at lower prices, with higher levels of customization.
Make sure products are made to spec, or risk waste and inefficiency as well as delays in time to market.

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