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Digitally align your manufacturing operations and optimize throughput in real-time with SYSPRO ERP.
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Automate your manufacturing production with Metal Fabrication ERP

Looking to grow your business and make your manufacturing more efficient? SYSPRO’s Metal Fabrication ERP is here to help. We understand the challenges you face—rising material costs, labour shortages, and tough competition, to name a few.

Our ERP system for fabricated metals is designed by industry experts to help you reduce costs and boost productivity. Whether you’re running a job shop, batch production, or any other type of manufacturing, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

With SYSPRO, you’ll have real-time control and visibility over your manufacturing operations. And it’s not just about production; our system integrates seamlessly with key back-office functions like accounting, purchasing, and customer service, making it a comprehensive solution for your business.

B&R Enclosures increase efficiencies using SYSPRO Metal Fabrication ERP

B&R Enclosures’ SYSPRO ERP implementation has allowed for improved shop floor job reporting, better decision making, flexible quoting to customers, improved efficiency and quality control as well as scale for rapid business growth.

“We use SYSPRO ERP from the point of raising quotes with our customers right through the whole manufacturing process and order processing through to collecting money from our customers and management of our cash ledger.”
Tim Bridges
Director at B&R Enclosures

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How to cut it in the fabricated metals industry

Know what’s happening within your business from design to delivery and maintain flexibility to change capacity requirements with SYSPRO’s Metal Fabrication ERP.


Simplify complex processes and gain transparency with a clear list of materials and quantities for inventory management and purchasing.

Metal fabricators can track actual production costs against accurate expected costs, enabling informed decisions for profitability optimization.

The what-if costing capabilities allow for the simulation of different production scenarios, helping you to evaluate financial impacts and plan strategically.

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Flexible Quoting

Create professional and detailed quotations, providing a seamless customer experience.

SYSPRO's flexible interface enables timely and accurate estimates, ensuring swift responses to customer inquiries.

Achieve accurate pricing with holistic cost estimation (including outsourced services, accounting for all relevant costs), including material, labor, burden, and outside services.

Simplify the creation of sales orders, purchase orders, and work orders.

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CAD Integration

Effortlessly transfer CAD data into SYSPRO ERP.

Maximize efficiency with real-time bi-directional synchronization between CAD and ERP systems, enabling seamless collaboration between engineering and manufacturing teams.

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SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution provides complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing to optimize and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations.

Planning and scheduling attuned to the various manufacturing modes, recognizes available resources, tools and equipment, required maintenance and quality as it lays out and maintains the best schedules for completing work on time and making the most of available resources. Integrated quality management also manages equipment calibration cycles and corrective actions as well as product quality testing and certification needs.

Improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE), overall labor efficiency (OLE) and Total Equipment Effectiveness Performance (TEEP).

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Manage Traceability

Provides visibility from material origins to product destination with lot traceability and serial tracking.

Easily trace and analyze defects with recorded data throughout the supply chain. Track metal hot-roll batches for recall and traceability requirements.

SYSPRO facilitates recording traceability and quality data from purchasing to sales, with powerful query features for efficient searches.

Manage product design changes with Engineering Change Control and handle returns consistently with the Return Merchandise Authorization module.

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Production Planning

Maximize capacity, minimize bottlenecks, and gain real-time visibility.

Take control of Work in Process, optimize sequencing, and reduce waste to achieve lean manufacturing.

Automate tracking of variances and defects for superior quality control.

Shorten lead times and ensure faster delivery.

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Real-time Insights

Real-time insight into material and labor usage.

Centralized business intelligence (BI) capabilities with SYSPRO ERP Embedded Analytics: Actionable insights for data-driven decisions to improve customer relationships, operations and revenue.

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Job Nesting

By nesting multiple jobs utilizing the same raw material or components in SYSPRO’s Job Nesting capability you can maximize output and reduce wastage to improve costing efficiency – enabling you to quote more competitively.​

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Financial Management

Gain a 360-degree picture of your financial position in real time and better manage your shop floor, plant and warehouse with core financial and accounting functionality. Simplify the recording of transactions, AP, AR, collecting taxes, and closing the books to report with ease and accuracy whilst complying with regulatory financial compliance to maximise your financial performance.

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Transform your factory floor and take control of manufacturing operations

Partner with an ERP industry leader

See what the experts and users have to say about SYSPRO ERP Software

Partner with an ERP industry leader

See what the experts and users have to say about SYSPRO ERP Software
Tailor-made ERP with flexible deployment options
As a global ERP Manufacturing software backed by 45+ years of industry specific experience, we believe in offering our customers choice and flexibility.
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Metal fabricators succeed when they can provide a high-quality product using efficient production processes.
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What makes ERP ideal for Metal Fabrication Manufacturers?