SYSPRO Point of Sale Software

An integrated ERP with POS

Point of Sale for Manufacturers and Distributors

Point of sale, or POS, is the system that empowers you to transact directly with customers over the counter. Using a POS software you can manage transactions, returns, overrides, discounts, inventory inquiries, quotes, and more.

The SYSPRO Point of Sale module is built into your SYSPRO ERP to allow your business to share key data such as sales transactions, customer information and live inventory adjustments. Automatically create sales orders, process invoices, take payments, and reduce stock seamlessly within your ERP software.

SYSPRO's web based interface incorporates modern features such as:

Point of Sale built into SYSPRO ERP features:

“Always-on” functionality
Transact whether online or offline. Take orders live, or when a connection isn’t available.
ERP integration

Your inventory, sales transactions and processes are automated thus maintaining seamless accuracy throughout your business.

Comprehensive POS

Oversee transactions at every level with comprehensive permission security—including role-based access, supervisor overrides and much more.

Our integrated suite of tools includes security features that add a layer of control to your supply chain, helping you prevent system manipulation and fraud.

Know the story behind every sale

Software that enables new revenue streams can make the difference between attracting or losing a new customer, and a Point of Sale solution can help expand revenue.

Many organizations could improve operations by offering point of sale transactions. 

How sales data syncs to other modules within SYSPRO ERP:

Accounts Receivable
Create, maintain and search for your customer information, debtors and payment transactions.
Sales Orders

Record the sales orders/transactions in your ERP.


Provides stock code information including price, availability and images of your products.

Cash Books
Easy reconciliation between cash-in-till and reported cash balance, with integration into the cash book.
General Ledger

Defines the ledger codes to which end of day processing amounts will be posted.

Contact Management

Link sales transactions to individual customer contacts.

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