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Business Operations Software

Align Purchases with demand in a Cost-effective way

Get leaner. Get agile. Get your inventory and production line in balance. Get costs under control and boost supply chain efficiency. Drive discipline with the right business operations software.

Creating order out of chaos: the dream of every COO or operations executive. If you can streamline your manufacturing and fulfilment processes and satisfy customers with innovative products – delivered fast and error free – you’ll help your business develop a competitive edge. It’s not easy.

That’s why COOs and operations directors need true end-to-end visibility of everything happening across both demand and supply chains. Are you confident that you can easily access the critical information you need, right now, to make the best decisions?

Industry-specific ERP frameworks for Manufacturing Operations

Faster business cycles in manufacturing and distribution translate to requirements for faster end-to-end production and shipping schedules, plant automation, continuous supplier evaluation and an ever-present eye on competitive threats. To ensure supply chain optimization, careful, ongoing decision-making is needed to continuously evaluate supply sources against multiple converging factors such as pervasive cost, reliability, on-time deliveries, tracking and sourcing capabilities, and even geo-political considerations. Industry trends, like “green” manufacturing, cultural concerns or biases regarding sourcing, meet time-honored requirements to operate lean and cost-effectively. So how does the right ERP solution support COOs when faced with these seemingly opposing needs? Here are just a few of the benefits that accrue from having the ERP solution that is right for your business:

  • Improve team collaboration across accounting, manufacturing, distribution, QA and other business functions. Ensure every department is working off of the same data.
  • See where you need to respond quickly to changing market conditions, with built-in sophisticated analytics and reporting.
  • Leverage executive dashboards, automated alerts and mobile tools to manage the way that works for you.
  • Drive efficiency and manage bottlenecks by automating business processes.
  • Support your continuous improvement programs, whether you are into Six Sigma, Kaizen, Lean manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM) and/or operational equipment effectiveness (OEE).
  • Improve reliability and minimize quality or safety issues.
  • Simplify quoting, estimating and scheduling to maximize capacity.
  • Understand which suppliers are delivering on your cost, time and other requirements.
  • Get a 360-degree view of inventory and materials planning so you can optimize and reduce eliminate waste.
  • Empower suppliers and customers with improved communications.
  • Enable suppliers to address problems early in the delivery cycle.
  • Enforce consistency and minimize risks of inaccurate orders, so you avoid costly rework and unhappy customers.
  • Minimize risk by streamlining and enforcing compliance with key requirements, from legal regulatory reporting to product recall management to contract terms.

SYSPRO ERP at your finger tips

Business critical solutions for COOs

SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution facilitates the management of the end-to-end manufacturing process. It provides complete manufacturing lifecycle management from planning, scheduling, publishing, collecting, tracking and analyzing, to optimize and improve end-to-end manufacturing operations.

SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management Solution helps manufacturers:

  • Measure performance to drive toward world class standards of operation for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and overall labor effectiveness (OLE).
  • Increase productivity and lower costs by minimizing loss within the business.
  • Optimize operational efficiencies through better workflow of core manufacturing activities: schedule, publish, collect, track, analyze and improve.
  • Connect machines and other devices to digitize the factory (Industry 4.0) and gain competitive advantage.

Industry-built to support your quality and safety systems, SYSPRO ERP offers a full traceability system which enables manufacturers to:

  • Track materials from receipt right through to delivery.
  • Rapidly identify, quarantine and retrieve potentially defective goods.
  • Accelerate the time to completion of your product recalls.
  • Improve governance and drive compliance.
  • Continually test and improve your traceability system.
  • Remain compliant and meet regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Mitigate the risks associated with recall.

SYSPRO Inventory Management gives you more control over your inventory by providing greater accuracy and visibility to inventory information throughout the organization. It forms the core of the manufacturing, distribution and accounting facilities and is designed to integrate with all the major functions of the systems and to provide flexible reporting on inventory holdings. SYSPRO Inventory Management provides easy access: the on-screen drill down allows you to access inventory balances, open purchase orders, work orders, and open sales orders at any point in the inventory management process. You can quickly and easily find the quantity of any inventory item which is on-hand, allocated, back-ordered, or on order. Additionally, you can see a list of all customer and supplier orders and item information down to the serial, lot and bin level.

Material Requirements Planning assists you in planning and creating realistic production, purchasing and supply transfer schedules, and maintaining optimal stock holdings in a multi-warehouse environment. It nets-off supply against demand and calculate future material positions, suggesting changes or new manufacturing, purchasing and transfer actions to satisfy the demand.

Engineering Change Control is crucial to quality control and is a requirement for ISO and QS certification. SYSPRO Engineering Change Control (ECC) helps you to improve the management of engineering changes to your products and/or associated data. This is achieved through user-defined workflow, steps and processes. It can augment or replace the paper trail that typically accompanies any changes to product design data. The archiving facility enables retrieval and production of prior revisions/releases.

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