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Business Insights

Improve Business Performance by Empowering Users with Actionable Insights

As your competitive environment intensifies, creating an environment of visibility across all operations, with the ability to act decisively and immediately, is a necessity.

Despite their promises, many ERP solutions that claim to deliver actionable business insights simply provide more data and information. What’s more, most ERP reporting and analytics tools only offer retrospective insights and don’t provide users with the means to take immediate action.

Actionable Insights solutions improve business performance and drive business behavior by providing real-time, business-critical insights for quicker analysis, decision making and execution; empowering users to meet their goals, targets and deadlines, with improved collaboration between themselves and others.

What you can do:

  • Make proactive and informed business decisions with increased visibility across the organization
  • Drive business behavior by providing your users with actionable business-critical insights
  • Improve business performance through a productive workforce that is empowered to act quickly and proactively
  • Increase responsiveness, lead times and overall productivity
  • Increase collaboration and seamless connectivity across the entire organization
  • Improve profitability and minimize risk with increased visibility into your company’s financial health


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The Four Pillars of Actionable Insights


Business Insights

Get a single, real-time view of the company’s key business drivers with the flexibility to define operational goals, targets and deadlines at an individual, role or organizational level with SYSPRO Business Insights. By providing individuals with relevant and real-time business-critical insights and the means to act quickly and proactively, KPI’s are converted into meaningful improvement.


Social ERP Collaboration

Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration and seamless communication between colleagues, workstations, divisions, branches and territories with SYSPRO Harmony, a user-friendly social media platform at the core of your SYSPRO ERP system.

SYSPRO Harmony helps promote a more collaborative way of working by providing users with a familiar, easy, effective and engaging way to connect, communicate and conduct their daily business. By accessing and relating real-time information, insights and trends through Social ERP, users can act instantly and decisively – helping increase responsiveness, lead times and overall productivity.


Corporate Performance Management

Identify revenue trends, create assumptions and analyze potential adjustments with Corporate Performance Management (CPM) for SYSPRO. By automating critical financial processes across the organization, you can gain greater insight into your company’s financial health and overall performance, improving profitability and minimizing risk.

Specifically designed for financial departments, CPM for SYSPRO provides a solution for integrated financial planning and consolidation so you can budget, plan, analyze, consolidate and report across the organization.


Factory Performance Analytics

Visualize losses and effectively measure and improve business performance with SYSPRO’s Manufacturing Operations Management solution which supports the measuring and calculation of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), total effective equipment performance (TEEP) and overall labour effectiveness (OLE). Data is analyzed in real-time to provide availability, performance and quality metrics for each employee and machine.

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